Checking Out the Latest in Beauty at CVS

Each season we get a fun preview of the newest beauty products that will be hitting the shelves at CVS. Many come from brands we already know and love, and there are also always some new names we have yet to try. For the new year, there are a bunch of new products we are super excited about. This season the latest at CVS is everything from  products for straightening

Briana's Reviews: Bling 2 o

Briana’s Fave Winter Accessory: Bling 2 o’s Snow Bl-ing Beanie and texting Gloves   As part of Briana’s Holiday Review Series, she had a chance to try out these super cool Bling 2 o’s hats and gloves. The hat, which features a blinged out pair of goggles on the front, is such a cute idea for a winter hat. The gloves have manicured nails on the fingertips- which even this

Outdoors in NYC Winter issue

The winter issue of Outdoors in New York City is now available; click here to download it now. The winter issue is full of family-friendly programs and events that are suitable for all ages.

January at Wave Hill 17-26

The snow might still be on the ground, but this month at Wave Hill there are plenty of activities for you and your family. Be sure to check out the Hibernators Ball-where you don’t even have to change out of your PJ’s to enjoy yourself!