winter roundup 2014

Staying Warm: EMU Boots

EMU Australia   For the cold weather, we’re going with warm boots from EMU this year. For kids they offer an entire line of adorable animal boots to choose from, including the Little Creature Walker Whale Gia is wearing on the left. As for the bigger kids, they also are able to choose from fun animal options or a more classic option. My daughter Briana has just graduated out of

Winter Styles from Carhartt

When you think of Carhartt, you probably think of tough gear and hard work.  But do you think of everyday women’s outerwear? When we set out to find some unique winter gear for women, I had the idea to explore the styles from Carhartt. I’m casual most days, and I wanted some durable styles to get me through the upcoming cold. I was excited to find that Carhartt isn’t just