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Weighing In: Miracle Suit

If you read my last post about starting the 24 Day Challenge with Advocare- then you know I am serious this time around about a lifestyle change. I’ve tried diets before, but I have never actually been focused and ready- this time I am. Most people start on their journey around the new year and plan on looking great for summer. I didn’t start my lifestyle change until the end

Review: Zhena Tea

One of the latest things we’ve been testing out are the new Zhena Wellness teas. Find out what we thought about the Extra Strength Slim Me teas. First, a little info about Zhena’s new line if teas: ZHENA’S Slim Me Tea is especially unique for a few different reasons:  · Can be served as a hot or iced-cold brew. · Helps increase metabolism and energy levels without the jitters of caffeine. · Promotes healthy

Weighing In: Weight Watchers 360

Update! So far Ive lost 8 pounds. I’ve had good and bad days, but knowing that I can do better and lose even more is motivational. Everyone has asked me if I have lost weight, so I know I’m making progress. Ive really just been more aware of what I’m eating and how much. Using the Weight Watchers 360 app, I log my meals each day. Some days I have