Totally Shaping Jeans from Signature by Levi Strauss and Co.

Whether it’s Denizen, Signature, or classic Levi’s, I absolutely love these jeans! In case you missed it- we gave away a pair of Totally Shaping jeans from Signature in our Fashion Week giveaways. These amazing shaping jeans come in Totally Shaping Skinny, Totally Shaping Boot Cut, and Totally Shaping Pull On Skinny. I had the chance to try out both the boot cut and pull on skinny-      

Happy Holidays from dENIZEN

Who doesn’t love an amazing pair of jeans!? BronxMama is a huge fan of  Levi’s dENIZEN jeans, available only at Target. They are everything you want in a favorite pair of jeans- and for an amazing price. To help us celebrate the holidays, dENIZEN is giving away three pairs of jeans to three lucky winners! Check out the three different jeans you can win:   ESSENTIAL STRETCH MODERN SKINNY With