Game Time with Johnsonville

It’s March, you know what that means- Spring is finally coming, St. Patrick’s Day fun, and NCAA tournaments! Whether you’re actually into the games, or just in it for the food, it’s always a good time when fun game time recipes are involved! This time we are sharing a recipe straight from Johnsonville using their brat sausages and a crockpot. What You’ll Need: 1 large slow cooker 3-4 cans (12

Holiday Brunch with Johnsonville

Christmas is almost here and we are so excited. The holidays mean time with friends and family- and also yummy food! Christmas and New Years Day is a great time to have a simple but delicious breakfast or brunch recipe ready. Casseroles are always a great idea since it’s quick, easy, and not much clean up so you can quickly get back to family time. Johnsonville asked us to recreate

Dominican Dishes with a Johnsonville Twist

When Johnsonville asked us to amp up a classic dish with sausage, we were excited to put some Bronx flavor on whatever dish we decided to do.  After sitting down with our very own Chef Geronimo, we decided that we wanted to go with two dishes that are classics in our home- Sancocho Dominicano and Arroz con Pollo. Between him and I, our little family is made up of Dominican,