Family Art Project: Dia de los Muertos

Celebrate this special Mexican cultural holiday when the spirits of loved ones come home to visit. Learn the traditional use of the four elements to adorn nicho boxes, small shadow boxes filled with meaning and purpose that honor a lost loved one. Decorate your box with objects and found natural materials, adding a photo of your dear one. Using branches and brush from trees that have been felled during recent

Bats: Friends—not Fiends! (Virtual)

Bats and Halloween go hand in hand. But do bats deserve their spooky reputation? Bat conservationist and community scientist Danielle Gustafson dispels the many myths about bats and sheds light on the diversity and value of these misunderstood creatures, both locally and worldwide. And if you enjoy mangoes, bananas or tequila, you have bats to thank! Find out how climate change and habitat destruction is threatening bat populations and how you can