Giveaway: $25 gift card to TGIFridays

In case you didn’t k now, TGIFridays has a really awesome new Dinner and a Cold One deal going on-unfortunately it’s not in New York! Bummer! BUT, BronxMama has a giveaway for a $25 gift card that can be used at any location. So, if you’re a BronxMama fan reading this from one of the participating cities-Baltimore, Indianapolis, Chicago and West Palm Beach, then feel free to use the gift

Wave Hill Events Aug 18--Aug 25

It’s no coincidence that the Family Art Project, our free, drop-in art session Saturday and Sunday mornings, takes it inspiration from our Aquatic Garden this weekend. In late summer, this part of the landscape is a magnet for young and older. Surrounded by lush foliage ― check out the towering Abyssinian banana plant nearby! ― and enlivened by the presence of emerald green frogs and flame-colored goldfish, families will enjoy crafting a

Is there anything at all to be said for the scorching heat and humidity last week? Just consult anyone under 10: From the energetic play that I’ve been hearing on the hillside below my windows on the second floor of Glyndor Gallery, I conclude that they pretty much adore the season whatever the weather. But if Mom and Dad – or some other kindly relative or friend – thinks along