Christmas 2011

Add your child to Santa's Nice List

Did your child make the nice list this year? Mommy’s Mingle has a “Santa” connection! If you would like your child’s name in the Bronx Times Reporter Santa’s “NICE” list (FREE), please email his/her name to: before Friday the 16th!!!!! The following week you can enjoy spending the time with them checking to see if they’ve made Santa’s list! Happy Holidays from Mommy’s Mingle

20th Annual Holiday Train Show

Written By: Priscilla Lino Photography By: Clifford Dickson All Aboard! For the 20th Annual Holiday Train Show 50th street, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, 125th street(Apollo Theater), next and last stop…. New York Botanical Garden. The New York Botanical Garden is celebrating 20 years of exhibiting the most popular holiday attractions in New York City.  More than one dozen large-scale model trains runs on nearly a quarter-mile of track