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How did you start  bronxmama.com?

I was a new mom and new to the Bronx. It was my choice to stay home with my daughter for her first year  and then go back to school, so I had no idea what to do with her during the day while her dad was at work. I tried going online to find activities and events to take her to, but I ended up going outside of the Bronx for most of the things I found. But traveling far with a baby-and then toddler was a hassle. So when she was around two I decided to start a blog-and to share what I found with other Bronx moms. Before I knew it I was finding lots of other moms with the same issue-and discovered it wasn’t that there wasn’t things to do with children in the Bronx, it was that people had very little resources to find out about them! BronxMama is now that resource.

So you aren’t from the Bronx?

No, I became a BronxMama in 2006!

What kinds of stuff do you post on BronxMama?

I like to post anything that I think will be of interest to Bronx parents. That means things to do with their kids, resources for their kids, but also occasionally things to do as adults! BronxMamas and Papas need their time too, so don’t be surprised to find activities that younger kids can’t participate in, occasional date night activities, and even the occasional event that is going on outside of the Bronx.

So you do post events and things to do that are happening outside of the Bronx?

Sometimes. Of course this is BronxMama and my goal is to show parents there are plenty of thing to do right here in our borough. But most people still venture into the other boroughs-and I do like to share really cool and exciting events that are worth the train ride.

How many visitors a day come to BronxMama?

Around 150-200 people a day visit BronxMama. Some days there are a lot more! *754 people came to check out BronxMama.com after being featured on News 12 The Bronx!

I want to post an ad on your site, is this possible?

Of course! But keep in mind this is BronxMama and the ad must appeal to Bronx parents. I do not advertise within my posts, so if you see something I write about on a post-its because I genuinely want to share it with my readers. The only ads are on the side bar of the site. But that doesn’t mean you can’t share your business or product with me in hopes that I will write about it!

What do you hope to achieve with BronxMama?

As I always say-I want to get parents more involved with their children and their borough. I want parents to feel good about saying they are a BronxMama or Papa, and I want to help break the stereotype of the Bronx not being a great place to raise your children. My dream would be to create a domino affect- more parents involved, more child-friendly businesses and events created, and a better Bronx!


  1. Thank you for creating BronxMama. I have been facing the problems you describe above for some time too. The blogs or websites I found focus almost exclusively on Manhattan and Brooklyn. I also find that other residents of the city as well as visitors have mistaken ideas about the Bronx. I would love to help change that besides just trying to educate some individuals when the stereotypes come up in conversations. If you know a way let me know (outside of blogging) 🙂

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Thank you! And I myself am trying to get involve in as much as I can to help change that as well!


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