Project WASTE

Join the Bronx River Alliance to help clean up the Bronx River, while also collecting important ecological data! This event is part of our hands-on outreach strategy which includes trash collection and assessment. As a volunteer, you will count, assess and remove trash from the Muskrat Cove trash boom so that we can categorize floatable trash into distinct categories while keeping the river clean! Information on the quantity, toxicity, material, and brands of trash will help to identify sources of pollution and to inform communities, businesses, and municipal officials of this Bronx River problem. Event Location: Muskrat Cove, 4202-4288 Webster Ave, The Bronx, NY 10704, USA Event Contact Info: (917) 361-8922 Register Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Bronx River Alliance! You are committing to a special effort to help protect the river. Please review the NYC Guidelines for Volunteering in Parks during COVID: Stay home if sick (e.g., running a fever, coughing, experiencing loss of taste or smell, or other COVID-19 symptoms.)