NYC520: Take a Walk on the Re-Wild Side! Part 2: Tour the 180th Street Fish Ladder

Tour the Bronx River Garden 180th Street Fish Ladder as part of a free event to celebrate NYC’s 520 miles of waterfront this 5/20! The fish ladder was constructed in 2015 and contributes to regional conservation and restoration of threatened river herring by providing a passageway for migratory fish up over the 182nd Street Dam on the Bronx River. The fishway on 182nd Street Dam is the furthest downstream on the river. Future fishway designs and alternative implementations to open up aquatic habitat are currently being considered for two other dams upstream on the Bronx River: the Double Dams within the Bronx Zoo and the Stone Mill Dam within the New York Botanic Gardens. Dam removal is also being considered, helping to restore river connectivity and to reestablish a native, migratory river herring run in New York City.

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