Fashion Chat presented by Bronx Fashion Week


Bronx Fashion Week is presenting a live Q&A panel event with fashion industry professionals. This event
will be held on Zoom on Sunday October 25th at 4PM EST.
BXFW is proud to bring this panel to life in a virtual and accessible way because we believe learning
more about the fashion industry is what enables people to follow their dreams. There is so much talent
and passion in the Bronx borough and surrounding areas. We want those individuals to get involved with
us so we help them open doors they’ve never imagined. This is specifically a great event for highschool
and college students who are interested in the industry or possible careers in fashion but have some
questions. Get all your career, brand, and fashion questions answered by industry pioneers. “Our panelists
plan to give great advice, personal stories, and honest opinions. This is an exceptional opportunity and we
hope you can join us on Zoom on October 25th at 4PM EST!” (quote from Flora Montes) Diversity,
inclusivity, and representation in the professional world are more important now than ever. Help us build
a more progressive future in fashion. If you or anyone you know is interested in the fashion industry, pass
along this information so they can join our Zoom call!
Our panelists include:
BXFW Founder & CEO, Flora Montes
Hip Hop artist, Poet, and BXFW Official Show Host, Caridad De La Luz
Award-winning Actor and BXFW Creative Director, Andres Chulisi
Fashion Photographer & BXFW Media Director, Marcus Issac
Fashion Photographer & BXFW Marketing Director, Raymond Chaksingh
Entrepreneur & BXFW Assistant Creative Director, Olga Rivera
Entrepreneur, Makeup Consultant & Stylist, Jessica Velez-Benito
How to join us:
ZOOM Meeting ID: 752 6508 0346
Passcode: BXFW

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