Family Art Project: Print and Fly with Monarch Butterflies

The monarch butterfly begins its migration in September, heading thousands of miles south. With bold, painterly marks, make large-scale wings, to wear or fasten to a stick. Registration not required. Questions? Please email us at or call (718) 549-3200 ext. 251. Please note the following important COVID-related information to ensure everyone’s safety if we move inside: Approximately nine families will be able to participate at a time, based on the time each family arrives. If capacity is full when you arrive, we will provide a “come back” card so you will have first entry for the next session. Each family will receive its own set of materials and cleaning will happen in between seating participants. Unvaccinated visitors are encouraged to wear a mask inside. Wave Hill House is accessible to all our visitors. The building is located along a paved route with moderate changes in grade.

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