Family Art Project at Wave Hill

Saturdays from 10am-11am


The Family Art Project is an inter-generational program for families to come together, appreciate lessons that nature has to share, draw on their own personal and cultural experiences to cultivate a deeper relationship to the environment and engage in storytelling. Each weekend’s themed project encourages creativity and experimentation by incorporating a range of art techniques using natural and up-cycled materials. One day we may be making paper from plants found in the compost and the next we may painting wings to wear to fly and soar with.

This program is for everyone in the family, and each family member is invited to take on their own unique role. Caregivers create their own beautiful work, as older youth help their baby siblings in skill-building. Each project is designed so that the art-making can be modified and tailored for each individual no matter their age.

To see this week’s Family Art Project, visit

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