Elegant Holiday Wreaths Demonstration

Drawing inspiration from Wave Hill’s holiday decorations, here is your chance to learn simple and elegant techniques to create natural wreaths with that signature, Wave Hill look. Beginning with a plain grapevine ring or simple balsam wreath, floral designer Hanako Shimamoto demonstrates step-by-step instructions for designing gorgeous one-of-a-kind holiday decorations. Gather your own fresh cut greens and craft materials–or repurpose what you have at home–to make your own along with us. This webinar format allows for plenty of time for questions and conversation. Do you live near Wave Hill? Bundles of fragrant greens from Wave Hill’s gardens are available at The Shop at Wave Hill, freshly cut by our gardeners.

Registration required, online or at 718.549.3200 x251. Registration closes Saturday, December 5 at 12PM.

Questions? Please email us at information@wavehill.org or call the telephone number and extension above.

Register HERE.

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