Arts Opening Weekend

Join us Arts Opening Weekend, featuring new exhibitions in Glyndor Gallery and Wave Hill House, and live dance performances outdoors in the gardens. In Glyndor Gallery, three new exhibitions open, including a thematic group show and two solo exhibitions in the Sunroom Project Space. Water Scarcity: Perpetual Thirst features projects by artists Tahir Carl Karmali, Cannupa Hanska Luger and Lucy + Jorge Orta, who use a range of approaches to raise awareness of the dire issue of access to clean water resources. The exhibition explores the impact of water scarcity on people’s physical, spiritual and social wellbeing. They also highlight ongoing desertification of the planet and the resulting climate-refugee crisis, and explore adaptive strategies for sourcing, conserving, and dispersing water, even as they speculate about a world without potable water, an outcome that may create the need for a nomadic way of life. Solo exhibitions by Kevin Quiles Bonilla and Anina Major will open in the Sunroom Project Space, both exploring sites of leisure as political spaces. In the Sunroom, Bonilla’s site-specific installation of custom-printed beach towels, sling chairs, and imagery explores the way that Puerto Rican and Caribbean cultures are commodified and fetishized for the tourist industry. Major’s installation in the Sun Porch comprises sculptural ceramic works and house plants representing origins across the African diaspora. Both works unearth the narratives of Black communities and their contributions to the land, focusing on the garden as a charged site and symbol of resiliency, courage, and care. In Wave Hill House, Blanka Amezkua presents Papel Picado Floral Flight, an installation of her papel picado, or cut paper banners, in Armor Hall and other areas of the building. Amezkua was a Wave Hill Winter Workspace artist in January and February, 2022. Using a traditional paper-cutting technique that she learned in Mexico, Amezkua worked with chisels and hammers to create these vivid works whose patterns are inspired by plants in Wave Hill’s Herb Garden. This installation is only on view through May 21, 2022, so be sure not to miss it. In addition to nature-inspired visual arts offerings, Wave Hill features live, outdoor performing arts. On Saturday, in front of Glyndor Gallery, Pigeonwing Dance presents selections from their Carpet Series, performed on and around a 5 x 8-foot Persian-style rug. Registration is encouraged but not required. Questions? Please email us at or call (718) 549-3200 ext. 251. Blanka Amezkua’s installation and the Pigeonwing Dance performances are underwritten and made possible by the generosity of our Spring Gala supporters, patrons, and partners. We are grateful for their commitment to keep Wave Hill’s gardens and arts programming thriving.

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