BronxMama Find

I’ve been super excited lately to find Briana interested in watching a lot of the cartoons and movies I watched as a kid. She loves the old Disney movies, enjoys the Chipmunks, and I’ve even got her bopping her head to music from before I was even born. So when I heard about Classic Toy Tuesday online at Toys-R-Us, I knew I had to share it with my readers! Take

Are We There Yet?

Looking for a new show to cool out in the AC and watch with the family on those hotter than hot summer nights? Meet the Kingston-Persons family, a newly married couple with a blended family in Are We There Yet? The show, which opens where the popular film left off, deals with real issues that a lot of us as families face. This past Wednesday’s episode dealt with a very

Artwork on the Grand Concourse

  Every time we look around here in the Bronx lately we are seeing people doing great things to help this borough strip free of the negative stereotypes. A new park, a community garden, new stores with excited owners. Slowly but surely we are making the Bronx a beautiful place. In celebration of 100 years of the Grand Concourse’s existence, artist Katie Holten is creating a public art work for

Holiday Baking

Bronx Mama wants to have some fun and learn some new recipes from other Bronx Mamas. Each week until Christmas I will feature a new recipe chosen from the ones readers email us. The recipes can be anything holiday related (dinner, dessert, drinks, etc). Send a picture of you and your family and the recipe if you want and we will include it with the recipe. Happy Cooking!