How to join your local community board in the Bronx

The 2024 Bronx community board applications are now live. Bronx residents can apply to join the community board in which they live, work in, or have a professional or other significant interest within that board’s district. A professional or other significant interest is defined as: (1) Being an employee of an organization located in the district and serving district residents;(2) Being a member of the board of directors of an

New York Public Library Offers Support for Back to School

The New York Public Library has geared up for back to school for kids of all ages, educators, and parents and caregivers with an array of programs and resources, both in person and online. And aside from books, the library will be offering free homework help, learning tools, and fun, engaging activities to help students develop all of their skills. The library will be offering: After school activities and resources

New Survey Highlights Generational & Racial Inequities in Water Safety Education

Living in the Bronx, we have access to city beaches, pools, and if you’re lucky- friends with pools. But just because we live in a city surrounded by water, doesn’t mean everyone here knows how to swim. The YMCA recently released new data that highlights the personal experiences and barriers parents face when it comes to swimming and water safety. The data was collected from a diverse set of U.S. parents

Scholarship Essay Contest for Bronx Students

Devante Lane was a bright young college graduate from the Bronx whose life was cut short due to gun violence. Devante’s father, Jerome Lane, has been a dedicated and proud member of the law firm of Finz & Finz, P.C. for nearly 30 years. In honor of Devante, Finz & Finz, P.C. has established the Devante Lane Scholarship Fund to help young Bronx residents fund their college education in his

Are You Counted? Why You Should Fill Out the 2020 Census

When we think of the U.S Census, we often envision people going door-to-door, gathering household information. But with today’s technology and a current pandemic, the 2020 Census looks a bit different this year. With a new deadline of September 30th, and only 56.1% of Bronxites counted as of the end of August, it’s so important we work together to be counted! The data collected from the Census affects federal funding

Top 5 Ways to Foster Your Kids’ Vision & Eye Health

Sponsored Back to school shopping- check. Annual physical- check. Annual full comprehensive eye exam- oops! When it comes to eye health, I’ll be the first to admit that my family needs some serious reminders. While our summer has been filled with plenty of beach days and relaxation, it’s also been filled with too much screen time, forgotten sunglasses, and too much sun. So that’s why we’ve teamed up with local

Cooling Centers in the Bronx

To help New Yorkers beat the heat, New York City will open cooling centers throughout the five boroughs beginning on Wednesday, July 17 through Sunday, July 21. Cooling centers are air-conditioned facilities such as libraries, community centers, senior centers, and NYCHA facilities that are open to the public during heat emergencies. Below is a list of Bronx cooling center locations: Sebco Senior Programs NSC 887 Southern Blvd – Basement Bronx

Students are Vaping in the Classroom-What the CDC Needs Parents & Teachers to Know

I used to say that my generation was the last of the cigarette smokers. I witnessed the culture of smoking change vastly over my lifetime- from our parents smoking indoors to it eventually being banned in all establishments, even in public outdoor spaces. By the time I became a mom, most smokers I knew were actively trying to quit- a handful being successful. And e-cigarettes were only a thing used

Family-Linc Program Brings $5 Tickets to Lincoln Center

Family-Linc is an arts engagement program for children and families of New York City who normally may not have access to Lincoln Center. With $5 tickets to special events at Lincoln Center, Family-Linc members enjoy inspiring and transformative cultural arts experiences led by some of the best artists in the world. Every event includes a workshop and meal and an opportunity to meet families from all over NYC! Eligibility requirements: Members

Have You Used the Waze Carpool App Yet?

  In case you missed the news, a few days ago Waze officially launched their Carpool App in NYC. We’re no stranger to traffic here in the city, so it’s awesome that there is now another option for New Yorkers to get to work while helping to put less cars on the road and make some gas money while doing so. How it works: You choose the people you want

How to Enjoy Summer While Saving for College with a NY 529 Plan

Sponsored: We all know that quote floating around social media that reminds us that we only have 18 summers with our kids and to make each one count. I’ve seen it 100 times by now, and each time it still hits me just as hard as the first. Especially since I’m down to 6 summers with my 12 year old. While the day she goes off to college is always

Bronx Mom Raises Awareness About Apraxia

  ‘You are the CEO at your child’s IEP meeting,’ a post reads on the Instagram page Bronx mom Meghan O’Malley created to bring awareness to Apraxia- a severe neurological speech disorder that her son Damian was diagnosed with. The quote, which was shared at a parent advocacy meeting, has stuck with Meghan. Under the quote, she goes on to list things that she does to advocate for her child-