Survey for Bronx Teens Affected by a loved one with Cancer

Kathleen Isaac, a program coordinator for the Psychosocial Oncology Program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine wants to let BronxMama readers know about an important and new Montefiore-Einstein initiative called “BOLD Brothers/Sisters” that we are developing. Their goal is to develop a support program for Bronx teens who have or had a parent, grandparent, or other adult caregiver with cancer, as too little attention has been given to the needs

McDonalds Nutrition Network

By: Priscilla Lino On Tuesday, March 27, 2012 in Times Square was the launching of McDonald’s New York Metro Nutrition Network, a new community outreach initiative to provide funds to local organizations for grassroots nutrition programs. Through the program, New York Tri-State McDonald’s restaurant owners are offering seed money to help local organizations bring nutrition information and guidance to the communities they serve. This initiative is an extension of McDonald’s national

Health Corner: Hepatitis C

Here at BronxMama we sometimes receive information on various health topics.  So, we’d like to share some of the health related information we receive in order to make readers more aware of these topics. This time its about Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is one of the most curable viruses if proper steps are taken. ·         Unfortunately, it is referred to as the “silent killer.” ·         Not all patients are IV drug or