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Nearby: Container Store Opens in Yonkers

Last week we had the chance to venture to nearby Yonkers to visit the newest Container Store location in Yonkers. Situated inside Ridge Hill, the new store isn’t too far from the Bronx and surrounded by some great things to do and eat for your drive up. To celebrate the opening, The Container Store invited us out for their grand opening party, and they did not disappoint. Lots of mingling,

Organizing Our Little World: The Beginning.

For some people, an organized life comes easy. Cute bento boxes of lunches for their children, pin worthy organized desks and closets, and dinners planned and prepped every Sunday night for the week. And while I’ve pinned plenty of bento box and recipe ideas- in reality my world is like free falling and hoping the parachute opens up. Maybe it’s the Libra in me, but I can’t for the life