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BronxMama Holiday Guide

Mommy and Me: Holiday Edition Every year we like to gather up some of our favorite Holiday gift and entertaining ideas and share with our readers. This year we had a chance to get a group of moms together for a Mommy and Me: Holiday Edition and see what they thought of our picks. Five moms and their little ones spent a Sunday afternoon with us, enjoying some holiday bubbly

Keeping Kids Academically Engaged in the Summer

By: Marilyn Urena Rincon 3rd grade ESL teacher, Bronx, NY ​Teachers are reflecting on this school year and wondering what they can do better next year. Parents are scrambling to figure out daycare or camps for the summer. Students are fatigued from testing and are ready for summer fun. It’s that time of year again! Some parents are lucky enough to get their children into summer camps and programs that

BronxMama Series: Turning Five

Even though there is still snow on the ground and September seems so far away, registration for Kindergarten already started back in January. And with February being a short month, the March 4th deadline is fast approaching. While all around the country it is often a no brainer to send your children to your local zoned school, that isn’t always an option for parents living in New York City, especially