BronxMama Book Shelf: Cyber Bloggers: Beginnings (A Picture Book for children)

Author: Marisa Xu, Riverdale. About Marisa- Born and raised to immigrant parents in the Bronx, Marisa is a mom, speech therapist, illustrator and writer! FOR KINDLE, NOOK, OR COMPUTER! Come join Cyber-Orphans Teena, Leena, Benny, and Lenny along with their charming animal friends, Mouse, Kit, and Chip as they grow up in the Cyber-Orphanage. With a little help from their friends, the Cyber-Orphans learn to cook, clean, and shop for themselves!

BronxMama Spotlight: Samantha DeGrasse

Samantha DeGrasse was born and raised in the Bronx. She is an accomplished published children’s author. Her second book was just released titled, “Taber Is Beautiful,” available on and  DeGrasse has put on workshops throughout the area on topics such as confidence, self esteem and character education. BronxMama enjoys highlighting accomplished people who have come from the Bronx, and Samantha is definitely a great example of that! Taber is