Weighing In: Weight Watchers 360

Update! So far Ive lost 8 pounds. I’ve had good and bad days, but knowing that I can do better and lose even more is motivational. Everyone has asked me if I have lost weight, so I know I’m making progress. Ive really just been more aware of what I’m eating and how much. Using the Weight Watchers 360 app, I log my meals each day. Some days I have

Super Grover and the Garden of Dreams Foundation teach children facing obstacles how they can be super heroes too!

Photo: MSG Entertainment Grover was spotted in the Bronx this week! When Super Grover lost his super powers, he needed a bit of help from the children at WHEDco to get them back. Dominique, a Knicks City Dancer, was also there to help the children of WHEDco learn lessons of nutrition and health, warm up to their favorite Sesame Street Live songs and transform into super heroes themselves when Super

Keeping Kids Academically Engaged in the Summer

By: Marilyn Urena Rincon3rd grade ESL teacher, Bronx, NY ​Teachers are reflecting on this school year and wondering what they can do better next year. Parents are scrambling to figure out daycare or camps for the summer. Students are fatigued from testing and are ready for summer fun. It’s that time of year again! Some parents are lucky enough to get their children into summer camps and programs that provide

Spanish immersion program in the Bronx

By: Valerie Vazquez I like all Moms want to do everything I can to give my daughter the foundation for future success. As soon as I found out that there was a Spanish Immersion Class for Kids in the Bronx; I knew I had to get more information.  I quickly contacted Julissa Martinez of La Escuelita de Sofia and could not be happier.  Julissa is passionate about the Spanish Language

Parenting advice from Rosie Pope

Last week BronxMama photographer Fatima Schoenfelder and I sat down with Pregnant in Heel’s star Rosie Pope to talk about her latest venture-designing a limited edition line of diapers for Pampers. After oohing and awing over the adorable designs, Rosie spoke about everything from designing a nursery on a budget to the kinds of feedback she gets over her advice she gives to expecting mothers. After the interview, read about

Letter From A BronxMama: Winter Blues

BronxMama Readers, Today I would like to talk about the winter blues, some people suffer from it- others do not. For those who do, it is very important to not let that reflect or rub off on your children. Parents, we have to make sure that we try to stay positive for our children because they learn from us. If we are very stressed out and show our kids, this

Autism Parent Support Group at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital

Topic: Legal Advocacy for Children with Autism This month Autism Speaks will be hosting a special education legal attorney at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. Parents are encouraged to come with questions and their IEP’s if they are concerned with any legal issues. A developmental pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, pediatric social workers (all specializing in autism) will also be in attendance. Monday, January 10th 10AM-12PM Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Department of Pediatrics 1650 Selwyn Avenue,

BronxMama named one of Top 10 Local NYC Blogs in 2010

BronxMama is very excited to be named in the Top Ten Local New York City Blogs of 2010 by MommyPoppins! Thank you Mommy Poppins! And thanks to all of our awesome BronxMamas and Papas who check out this site daily and contribute ideas, events, and other resources to the parents of the Bronx. Let’s make 2011 another productive and amazing year with lots of giveaways and fun events!

How to make Puerto Rican Coquito

WEPAAAAA! COQUITO TIME!  By: Amy Vega-Guobadia You can’t have the holidays in a Puerto Rican home with out Coquito. Coquito is the Puerto Rican version of eggnog. When my grandmother moved to Puerto Rico three years ago, she took the recipe with her. After searching and searching for a good recipe, I found it. I changed it for the right taste. Now I have been given the job of always

How to make Puerto Rican pasteles

By Amy Vega Guobadia Here’s a recipe famous in Puerto Rican households during the holiday. As far as I can remember my grandma made Pasteles for every winter holiday. Unfortunately, my grandma took her recipe with her to Puerto Rico eight years ago. After a few years of not having this traditional food, I searched the internet for the recipe. The first two attempts, I got the recipes from different sites