Free Rowing, Sailing, & Bird Watching in the Bronx

We’re so excited that free opportunities to canoe, sail, and bird watch have returned to Hunts Point Riverside Park thanks to Rocking the Boat! Rocking the Boat is a non-profit organization in the South Bronx dedicated to help kids set and achieve their goals. Rocking the Boat is committed to helping its participants: This summer they are returning after the pandemic to hold rowing events every Saturday during the summer.

The Bronx Featured in Fun Places to Eat Near NYC Beaches

Summer officially kicks off in less than a month and you will be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your time than at the beach. New York has several beaches that are lively and filled with New York energy during the summer months. After spending all that energy enjoying yourself at the beach, the Bronx has many amazing restaurants that offer a great variety of different foods.

New York City School's Re-opening Plans for the Fall

The next school year will see almost everyone return to in-person learning for the first time since March of 2020. With that comes questions from parents about how schools will return and keep their children safe. Recently, the department of education explained their plans for the re-opening to families. The plan is for all 3-K through 12 students to return to in-person learning. Teachers will return to in-person learning as

The Bronx Junior Photo League Free Summer Program Information

Looking for free activities for your teen during the summer? The Bronx Junior Photo League summer program is offering a 6-week long newspaper and zine and photobook-making class for students entering the 7th through 12th grades. The program is completely FREE! In addition, the program is offering two in-person classes and one virtual class. VIRTUAL – Photobook Class [7th – 12th Grade] July 5 – August 11, 2021 Monday +

South Bronx Culture Trail Returns for 10th Annual Festival

Throughout the month of June, Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education and Councilman Rafael Salamanca Jr will host the 10th annual South Bronx Culture Trail Festival. The festival lasts from June 1 to June 30. Events will be held in multiple locations throughout the Hunts Point and Longwood neighborhoods of the Bronx, with virtual events broadcasted and streamed on social media by BronxNet Community Television. The festival’s theme revolves

Computer Reservations and Browsing Now Available at Some Bronx Library Locations

By: Khaleel Williams The pandemic has taken its toll on every aspect of the city, one of them being the New York Public Library. Libraries are obviously a high-touch place and have been difficult to operate during the pandemic. On a positive note, as restrictions begin to ease, New York City libraries will begin to run more freely. Below is some key information on expanded services at select Bronx locations.

9 Simple Mother's Day Recipe Ideas

By Khaleel Williams Mother’s Day is the day where we celebrate the women in our lives and they deserve it. They deserve to have the day off and be treated like the queens they are. There are very few better ways to show your appreciation for someone than making them a home-cooked meal. Here are some potential ideas for breakfast, dinner, and even dessert for Mother’s Day with links to

Highlights of New York City's Planned Tourism Comeback

  By: Khaleel Williams As one of the world’s greatest tourism landmarks, New York City’s tourism market was devastated by the pandemic. We remained overly cautious throughout the months of the pandemic and it was definitely for the better as New York appears to be close to putting it in the rear view mirror. With the spread slowing and the implementation of vaccines, New York City’s tourism economy can finally

Considering getting back to the gym but still unsure if it’s safe?  Our writer Khaleel shares his experience at nearby LA Fitness Eastchester Road location here in the Bronx….

By: Khaleel Williams

During this pandemic, it is understandable if you want to wait before you start going back to the gym. We should still do everything in our power to mitigate the potential spread of the virus. However, we should take notice of those who are operating effectively despite hindrance from the pandemic. LA Fitness located at 1776 Eastchester Road in the Bronx is a perfect example of how possible it is to run a business, let alone a gym despite the challenging times we are living in.

Personally speaking, having space is something I value normally and even more so during the pandemic. LA Fitness has maximized their space and has created the perfect environment for its members during the pandemic. The weight machines follow the six feet social distancing rule to a tee and the cardio machines are placed in a way to ensure that no one works out close to each other. This is achieved by placing not in service signs on every other machine. Using the gym’s space to their advantage certainly succeeded in making their members more comfortable.

In addition to the ideal spacing situation, they follow procedures similar to many medical institutions, which include doing a temperature check before letting you go any further and mandating mask wearing at all times. This prevents the possibility of a member having the virus and spreading it the other members. To prevent the spread of germs, they have several cleaning stations to spray and wipe down the machines before and after you use it. They have hand sanitizing machines at every corner. LA Fitness has done an admirable job of creating comfort for each and everyone of their visitors.

LA Fitness in the Bronx has provided people a safe escape during these difficult times. They have successfully created a clean and spacious gym environment during the pandemic and for that they deserve serious praise.

For more information and to sign up for membership, visit