How to join your local community board in the Bronx

The 2024 Bronx community board applications are now live. Bronx residents can apply to join the community board in which they live, work in, or have a professional or other significant interest within that board’s district. A professional or other significant interest is defined as:

(1) Being an employee of an organization located in the district and serving district residents;
(2) Being a member of the board of directors of an organization based in the district, and
(3) Being a student attending a school located in the district.

How does a community board work?

Community boards are local representative bodies and are selected and appointed by the Borough President. The main responsibility of the board office is to receive complaints from community residents, they also maintain other duties, such as processing permits for block parties and street fairs. Learn more about community boards and how they work here.

Last year, to make the application more accessible the Bronx Borough President’s office made the application available online and in both English and Spanish. Applicants need to have their identification, resume and/or biography, and a utility bill or other official mail ready to upload with their application.

The deadline for submission of applications is Friday March 1st, 2024. Those interested can access the apply here.

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