Three reasons we love Holiday Lights at the Bronx Zoo

Every year around this time I get asked the same question, “is Holiday Lights at the Bronx Zoo worth it?” By now our followers know that I love working with the Bronx Zoo to be able to share promo codes to ensure everyone can experience their exciting events or take advantage of having a zoo right in our backyard. But I love that they know they can still count on me to answer this question. With a 17 year old currently applying to colleges and an 11 year old who just started middle school, this year I felt the answer more than ever: absolutely. Here’s why….


I love to try new places. As many places as I’ve visited and loved, I often don’t have the opportunity to return because each season I always want to explore something new. But Holiday Lights at the Bronx Zoo has become a tradition each year with my kids to kick off the holiday season and truly unplug (aside from when I’m capturing moments of course!) In fact, I didn’t even get as many photos as I would have liked for this post because I was genuinely enjoying the moment with my daughters. This is the last year we have with my oldest as a “kid” before she’s off to college. I’m trying to savor each moment. And making Holiday Lights one of the core memories of these last few years of their childhood has been great.

Unique experiences

Holiday Lights at the Bronx Zoo is a unique experience. There are hundreds of thousands of lights to marvel over, but there are also some unique activities to stop and enjoy. From making s’mores to watching ice carving demos, to riding the Bug Carousel together- no matter how big they get. I love that my 17 year old still gets excited to do these things with her younger sister and me. And each year the zoo adds something new to enjoy, like 64 new animal lanterns and the immersive ‘Enchanted Sea’ celebrating bioluminescence.

Beautiful displays

Naturally, the best part of Holiday Lights is the lights! From classic Christmas lights to lanterns of animals that you can find in the Bronx Zoo and around the world, it’s visually stunning to see. The displays make for great photo opps, so be sure to come photo ready! The animal-themed illuminated performers are also fun to watch.

So when someone asks me if Holiday Lights at the Bronx Zoo is worth it? Year after year I happily respond yes. And I’m happy to be able to share a unique promo code for Bronxmama readers so that you and your family can enjoy it too. BronxMama followers receive 15% on tickets with promo code BRONXMAMAHL, including the new Any-Night ticket. Holiday Lights runs selects dates through January 7th. Reserve your tickets here.

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