Visiting the new Budgie Landing at the Bronx Zoo + promo code

School is finished and there is plenty to do in New York City this summer. We’re sure you have your bucket list ready, but here’s a reminder that the new Budgie Landing at the Bronx Zoo should be included! My daughter Gia alongside a group of friends recently got to experience this fun activity where visitors have the chance to enjoy up-close interactions with these fun colorful birds. Of course we have a special promo code for Bronxmama readers- so keep reading!

Budgies are small colorful parrots. Originating from Australia, these boisterous birds love company and are super social. Upon arrival at Budgie Landing, each person is given a seed stick (complimentary with Budgie Landing ticket*) to walk around the habitat with and see which birds come to them for a little snack. The kids said it felt like being in a giant birdhouse. We spent quite a bit of time inside Budgie Landing while the kids had fun seeing how many budgies would come to their stick. By the end of our visit, everyone had at least a few birds land on their stick.

*Budgie Landing tickets are not included with park admission and can be purchased online or at Budgie Landing.

Made up of 10,000 animals and 265 acres of forest, the Bronx Zoo is too big to see everything in one day. But we’re lucky enough to be members and are able to visit often. Since we’ve been coming to the zoo since the kids were babies, Gia and her friends are now able to lead the way. After our visit to the budgies, we stopped by Nature Trek, It was a pretty hot day when we visited, so cooling off under the tree canopies was perfect. Even though Gia and her friends are off to middle school, they still enjoyed navigating through bridges and crawling through tunnels.

Next up was a nice relaxing ride on the Wild Asia Monorail- a seasonal railway that runs through the Asian Wilderness. We cooled off as we saw elephants, rhinos, tigers, and learned fun facts about each animal from our tour guide. We were a group of 10, so it was also a lot of fun to have the entire Monorail car to ourselves.

Cooling off requires ice cream, of course. So we stopped by Dancing Crane to grab cones and take a look at the gift shop. If your kids love the budgie exhibit, then they’ll love the adorable budgie plushie collection.

And no visit to the Bronx Zoo is complete without a ride on the Bug Carousel. I’m not sure what age our kids will stop enjoying a ride on a random bug at the zoo, but I’m in no rush to find out.

I hope you have a chance to check out the new Budgie Landing at the Bronx Zoo this summer. Even if you’re unable to travel, the Bronx Zoo can transport you and your family to far away lands. We have an exclusive 10% discount on Bronx Zoo Admission tickets. Simply use promo code BRONXMAMABZ for 10% off Bronx Zoo Admission through 7/28/23. Learn more here.

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  1. This is my sons bird!
    A few weeks ago we had our budgies on the terrace. My son accidentally dropped his bird cage and one of his birds flew off our terrace. He was devastated, if you know him you know he loves his birds. He was so hurt his bird would starve to death or die. We got 3 Budgies for Valentines Day. 2 of them died I replaced them with one so we could have a pair. How ironic a budgie lands in Bronx Zoo. Quick story when I was about 3 or 4 I can remember my parents took me to the Bronx Zoo (Children Zoo). I remember feeding the chickens when we came home awaiting in our parking space was a chicken, I was convinced the chicken followed us home. That’s been a lingering story for years. Flash forward 30 years maybe my good deed of feeding those chickens paid off. I can’t wait to share this story with him and go visit the bird at the Zoo.


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