Checking out this smash therapy room in the Bronx

If you haven’t yet heard of smash therapy rooms- or rage rooms- yet, they are essentially rooms set up with breakable items where people can safely let off some steam. We had the opportunity to attend a fun collaborative event at the Bronx’s only rage room- Raze Up where we participated in a release therapy session.

The event was an opportunity to reflect on last year and think about things that we want to both release and affirm for the new year. We participated in a reflective writing prompt, then designed plates and cups with what we wished to release and let go of- which we would later take to the break room and smash.

We then took our plates and bowls into one of the smash rooms and went to town. It was such a fun event and everyone walked away feeling a little lighter and confident about their goals for the new year.

Raze Up is located at 133 Lincoln Avenue in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, There are multiple packages available that include different items for smashing for different amounts of people.

Raze Up privdes coveralls, a hard hat with a face mask, and gloves. Visitors can use pipes and crowbars, bats and golf clubs, and mallets and hammers to break the items.

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