How to experience waterfront glamping in Brooklyn

By now you should be familiar with the term glamping– a combination of glamorous and camping. Essentially, it’s camping but with amenities not typically associated with traditional camping. You might be familiar with the bell tents often used, but there are all kinds of tiny house structures that can still count as “glamping”- and I recently had the chance to experience staying in an upcycled shipping container in Brooklyn right on the waterfront.

Glamping NYC is a glamping experience in Greenport Brooklyn with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. Glampers can choose between staying in an upcycled shipping container or classic bell tents. There is even a boat available for those with a larger budget.

The containers are fully furnished with air conditioning, heat, WiFi, and bathrooms. There’s even a vintage record player, mini fridge, coffee pot, and more.

The shipping containers sit right on the waterline, giving you floor to ceiling views of the East River and Manhattan skyline. Check in and check out was simple. Right before my stay, I received a code to access the gated glamping area and key code for my unit.

This glamping experience is perfect for friends or couples- but it’s also an awesome way to spend some much needed alone time. For my stay, I packed a bottle of champagne and a new book to read on a rainy October night. I threw a record on the player and laid in bed watching the boats go by in the rain.

The cool thing about NYC Glamping is that it is located on the grounds of Skyline Drive-In, so a movie is included with your stay. If you don’t drive, there are chairs located in the front to sit and enjoy the movie along wit the incredible view.

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