Beach themed gelato spot opens in the South Bronx

Nothing screams summer like ice cream, but combine that with the beach and ITALIAN ice cream- and now we’re talking. Playa Gelato just opened its doors in the South Bronx this week, complete with a beach themed grand-opening. It’s the perfect spot for a summer treat.

Touted as the first gelato shop in the South Bronx, Playa Gelato’s founder Juan Vargas wanted to create a business that gives visitors the same feeling as a day spent at the beach.

Photo: Carmen de la Cruz

Playa Gelato’s boutique ice creams are 100% hand-made and available in over 50 different flavors. They also offer up vegan, sugar-free, sorbet, milkshakes and even dog-friendly flavors aka “Woof-lato”. Available toppings include cookie crumble, premium chocolate, sprinkles and more.

Photo: Carmen de la Cruz

Playa Gelato is located at 122 Alexander Ave. For more information, visit

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