High School and College Students Host Free Cooking Workshops of Cuisine from Around the World

The Bronx is made up many diverse cultures and children growing up in the Bronx have an amazing opportunity to be exposed to them. If you’re looking for ways to teach your children about various cultures around the world, one organization is doing just that- and it involves food! Cultured Kids Cuisine is a nonprofit organization aimed to educate children about various cultures around the world through food and cooking. The organization provides free resources (i.e. online and in-person cooking workshops, educational blog posts, recipe and lesson kits) for children and students around the world to participate in activities designed to teach culture while engaging in a fun, recreational pursuit. Cultured Kids Cuisine also hosts cooking workshops, featuring recipes from around the globe.

In hopes of empowering women entrepreneurs, Cultured Kids Cuisine was founded upon the principle of closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship by offering networking and career-building resources to girls and women. Some of the upcoming cooking workshops include tasty recipes from Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.

To sign up for Cultured Kids Cuisine’s free cooking workshops and to see other available workshops, visit here. To learn more about Cultured Kids Cuisine, visit culturedkidscuisine.wixsite.com.

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