Hang in a Cozy Ski Cabin at this Bronx Restaurant

If you’re looking for the ultimate spot to host a holiday dinner party or brunch with friends, look no further than The Bronx Public, a modern bar and restaurant in the Bronx. Known for it’s hip hop trivia nights and boozy brunch, we’re so excited to see such a cozy winter vibe in their outdoor dining this season.

There are three cabins available: Cabin #1 can seat 4-6 people, Cabin #2 holds 8-10, & Cabin #3 will hold 6-8 guests.

Each cabin is adorned with winter décor, spacious seating, heaters, & a limited version of The Bronx Public Menu. The cabins are “ski-inspired” and include fuzzy blankets & fun games in each cabin.

There is a $20 non-refundable, one-time charge to reserve a cabin for 2-hours. The fee is not applicable to the dining bill. To reserve your cabin, visit www.thebronxpublic.com/bronx-ski-cabins.

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