Historical Library in the Bronx Celebrating 200th Birthday Party

If you’ve never had a chance to step inside the Huntington Free Library in Westchester Square in the Bronx, now is your chance. On Friday October 22nd, the library will be celebrating with a 200th birthday celebration fundraiser in honor of Collis Potter Huntington, who donated the library 125 years ago to the people of Westchester Square.

Before the area was even known as “The Bronx,” the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room had already been serving the community surrounding Westchester Square. It was created as a space to provide a “place where all persons without distinction of race or creed may assemble for the purpose of reading, study, education and self improvement.” Today, the library hosts various programs, lectures and its collections- and still serves as an important resource for the entire Bronx.

The 200th Birthday celebration ticket includes a raffle, beverages, birthday cake, and snacks. Guests will also have a chance to check out the library’s backyard, and spend the evening immersed in Bronx history and artifacts. A little birdy also told us there will also be beer- so bring a friend!

Wednesday, October 20th is the last day to purchase tickets. Click here to snag yours.

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