Cosmic Camp Interactive Family Adventure Comes to 5th Avenue

If you have a young astronaut in your life, be sure to check out CAMP store’s latest Cosmic Camp Interactive Family Adventure at their 5th Avenue location. So what exactly is CAMP? It’s much more than a retail store- it’s a family experience- with each location offering fun events and experiences for children and their families.

Cosmic Camp is a spaced-out experience that challenges you and your crew to have a total blast. Created by CAMP, the experts in all things family fun, this out-of-this-world play space takes you on an adventure through interactive games, physical challenges, and crazy cosmic-themed locations. Come as a family, leave as a crew!

When you blast off With CAMP and head to space, families will be able to:

● Visit the Moon
● Blast Asteroids
● Jump Through the Lava Field

Upon entering through a secret passageway under the guise of a candy shelf, we were given wristbands and asked to choose what our crew name would be. We then blasted off to space- where kids get to traverse lava fields, decode ice crystals, and pilot rovers.

There’s also a fun family game show the kids were able to participate in and earn stickers, and throwing glow-in-the-dark balls into outer space was probably one of our favorite parts. It was the perfect rainy day escape!

What you need to know

CAMP engages and inspires families through play, content, experiential commerce, imaginative spaces and…fun. Cosmic Camp Experience is for kids 3+. My 9 year-old and her friend had fun- so we think kids under 10 would enjoy. Tix are $40 Weekends and $30 Weekdays- a perfect after- school trip or take the little one while big bro or sis is in school. The experience will be at the 5th avenue location until October 31st, so be sure to grab tix in time! For more information and to grab tickets, visit

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