Summer Art Classes in the Bronx

Registration is open for summer art classes at the Bronx River Arts Center.

Most classes will be held on-site at the Bronx River Art Center building at 1087 E. Tremont Ave, with sessions taking place within their well-ventilated open space studios and/or outdoors in the backyard, roof garden, or the nearby greenway. Two classes – Digital Illustration and Introduction to Art – will be held virtually over Zoom, while Teen Project Studio +2.0 will be a hybrid class.
BRAC will provide temporary subscriptions of Adobe Photoshop for registered participants in our Digital Illustration classes. Anyone interested in this offer should email us at and put Need Adobe Photoshop in the subject line. Subscriptions are limited and are assigned on a first come first served basis.
Below is a list of this summer’s art classes at the Bronx River Art Center:
  • Monday Mornings: Painting with Marta Blair (for Young Children)
  • Monday Afternoons: Painting with Marta Blair (for Older Children and Adults)
  • Tuesday Mornings: Printmaking with Tammy Wofsey (All Ages)
  • Tuesday Afternoons: Basics of Drawing with Tiffany Miller (All Ages)
  • Wednesday Mornings: Digital Photography with Andréa Straker (Teenagers)
  • Wednesday Afternoons: Digital Illustration with Maria Ferrari (VIRTUAL CLASS – Older Children and Adults)
  • Thursday Mornings: Introduction to Art with Jennifer Tomaiolo (VIRTUAL CLASS – All Ages)
  • Thursday Afternoons: Ceramics with Christopher Quinones (All Ages)
  • Friday July 23 and 30: Crocheting Workshops (FREE CLASS for All Ages)

Register for classes here. Or visit for more information.

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