New York City School’s Re-opening Plans for the Fall


The next school year will see almost everyone return to in-person learning for the first time since March of 2020. With that comes questions from parents about how schools will return and keep their children safe. Recently, the department of education explained their plans for the re-opening to families.

The plan is for all 3-K through 12 students to return to in-person learning. Teachers will return to in-person learning as well. In order to maintain a heathy environment New York City schools will continue to follow many health and safety protocols they instituted for this past school year. These protocols include:

  • Masks will continue to be a requirement in all of our school buildings
  • Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms will continue to be required to stay at home
  • Students, teachers and staff will continue to complete the daily health screener at home
  • Every school building will continue to have a nurse
  • Every classroom will have working ventilation systems
  • On-site COVID-19 testing will continue in school buildings as recommended by the latest health guidance
  • The Situation Room will continue to support schools with next steps if there are positive cases

There will be a readjustment period, and schools are offering several programs in order to accommodate students. There’s Chancellor’s Borough-Wide Family Forums where families discuss what will be happening in the Fall. You can learn more and register for the family here: Learn more and register)

Additionally, schools will be holding open houses for students and families to tour around the schools and see first hand how schools are maintaining protocols in order to keep kids safe.

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