Bronx River Alliance Releases Hundreds of Herring into the Bronx River

Photo: Bronx River Alliance

In their annual fish release, the Bronx River Alliance released hundreds of Alewife Herring into the Bronx River this afternoon. Along with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Department of Environmental Conservation, the Bronx River Alliance went live on Facebook so that folks could still witness the event due to the pandemic.

See the video below or watch over on Facebook.



Alewife herring are commonly referred to as river herring and live in the ocean as adults, but travel upstream into freshwater streams, rivers, and lakes to spawn. Once these eggs hatch and become juvenile fish, they stay in the river for around 1-4 months until they migrate to the ocean and remain for 3-5 years until they reach reproductive maturity.

To learn more about the Bronx River and upcoming opportunities to canoe the river, visit

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