COVID-19 Day of Remembrance- New Yorkers Invited to Honor Loved Ones


The first known COVID-19 death in NYC was confirmed on March 14th 2020. To honor all lives lost since that day, the city will be hosting a day of remembrance on March 14th, 2021. New Yorkers who lost loved ones are invited to share names of photos of those they wish to honor as part of the city’s ceremony.

Submit names and photos of loved ones lost to COVID HERE.

The ceremony will take place at 7:45pm on March 14th, 2021.

Stream it live:

Share your stories, photos, and videos with the hashtag #COVIDMemorial

Call 408-418-9388 to hear live interpretation
For Spanish, enter code: 129 793 9134
For Cantonese, enter code: 129 883 8862
For Mandarin, enter code: 129 508 6308

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