February 26, 2021

Last Day to Share Feedback on Bronx Parks for Annual Bronx Parks Speak Up

The deadline to share your feedback about issues with your local park or community garden in the Bronx is today! The goal is to learn what priorities to focus on at local Bronx parks, which will be discussed at this Saturday’s 27th Bronx Parks Speak Up! hosted by The Bronx Coalition for Parks and Green Spaces. Take the survey HERE. Live Workshops Live workshops will take place on Saturday February

Your Guide to Gardening in the Bronx

I’m by no means a seasoned gardener, but if you follow me over on Instagram then you might remember the watermelons I grew here in the Bronx this past summer! Over the past few years, I’ve managed to grow corn, pumpkin, lettuce, and more in a tiny patch of dirt in front of my apartment. I’ve always been one to make the best of the small outdoor space I have