Bronx Parents Can Apply for an NYC Education Council Seat



Elections are coming soon for the 2021 NYC Education Councils. Community and Citywide Education Councils (CCECs) offer important advice to the Chancellor and NYC Department of Education. Parents across the city have an opportunity to run for a council and help shape policies and priorities for NYC schools. There is one council for each of NYC’s 32 community school districts, plus four citywide councils.

Community Education Councils

The CECs offer parents the opportunity to support and impact education at the district level. Learn more and consider running for a CEC seat.

Citywide Education Councils

Citywide Councils offer parents the opportunity to shape education policy for specific student populations. Learn more about these councils and find out if you qualify to run for a seat.

CCEC work includes:

• Hosting town halls with the Chancellor
• Advising on education policies and improvements to school buildings
• Collaborating with superintendents to improve student achievement
• Deciding on zoning lines and consulting on school co-locations

This year, in order to submit an application, you will need an NYC Schools Account with all your children attending DOE schools registered to it.

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