Bronx Children’s Museum Raising Needed Funds to Provide Art & Science Supplies to Bronx Students

While the pandemic may have delayed the completion of construction of the Bronx Children’s Museum, BXCM has already been a museum without walls for over a decade now. The Bronx Children’s Museum has been providing programming in schools, after school programs, and at community events through their mobile programming. And now the museum has launched a new virtual initiative at 20 partner schools across the Bronx called The Nature of the Bronx, providing 1,050 children with programming and individual LaunchBoxes brimming with art and science supplies in more than 62 classrooms. This is where they need our help. The Bronx Children’s Museum has launched its first-ever GoFundMe campaign to raise funds towards this important initiative.

More about The Nature of the Bronx

The Bronx Children Museum typically provides programming in Bronx classrooms and brings all of the needed supplies for children to use. Due to the pandemic and the inability to physically be in the schools right now, the museum has created virtual programs for its partner schools. The new Launchboxes are a way to get art and science supplies into the hands of the children participating in the virtual programming provided by the museum.

The Nature of the Bronx is more than just a box, it’s an arts and natural science curriculum tailored by grade (PreK-3rd) that includes teacher training, resources, support and Museum-led instruction. It puts art and science supplies directly into the hands of children and delivers books that weave into each class’s lesson plan. The programming and supplies fill a void in a COVID- and historically-decimated community and helps level the playing field for children struggling with trauma, academic setback, food/ housing insecurity and social injustice.

As a mom to two children, I have seen the affects this pandemic has played on families across the Bronx. The equity issues that have already plagued the borough have been highlighted even greater during these past 9 months. I love that the museum is continuing to focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) programming to keep children learning and engaged. Not all children have the supplies needed in order to participate in virtual activities at home, and this initiative will ensure that all children can enjoy each activity.

Donations towards The Nature of the Bronx are being collected through the end of December. $30 covers one box of materials, while $60 covers all costs for a child to fully participate in the programming- but any amount helps! If you can help by donating or simply spreading the word, please do so by visiting HERE.

This post is brought to you by The Bronx Children’s Museum. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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