Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas in The Bronx


While large Thanksgiving gatherings might not be possible this year, everyone still deserves a large plate of delicious food after the year that we’ve had. And don’t forget the dessert! Luckily, the Bronx has no shortage of bakeries and mom & pop shops to choose a variety of options from. So if your budget allows, try supporting a local business where you’ll find gourmet sweets of all kinds to pair with your meal. We’ve put together a list of just a few of the local Bronx businesses you can grab yummy Thanksgiving desserts from. Feel free to comment below with your neighborhood favorite!

Please note: Most places require orders to be placed by a certain date. Call ahead to arrange pick-up.


Pumpkin Pie from Gino’s Pastry Shop

These homemade pumpkin pies from Gino’s are a yearly tradition. Don’t forget the whipped cream!
580 E. 187th St.



Carrot Cake from Lloyds

Reserve your order online and be the dessert MVP of Thanksgiving this year.
6087 Broadway



Ricotta Pie from Artuso Pastry Shop

Break out the espresso and a traditional Italian Ricotta Cheesecake for dessert from Artuso Pastry Shop from Arthur Avenue.
670 East 187th Street



Thanksgiving Cake from Valencia Bakery

If you grew up in the Bronx, chances are you had at least one slice of birthday cake from Valencia Bakery. So why not enjoy this Thanksgiving take on a classic.
801 Edgewater Rd.


Coconut Custard Pie from Zeppieri & Son’s Italian Bakery

This staple Italian bakery in Pelham Bay has brought back their Coconut Custard Pie for the season-we are not responsible for how many cookies you purchase for the car ride home though- just sayin’.
3004 Buhre Ave



Pastries from Azteca

Add some color to the table with pastries from Azteca Bakery on Westchester Ave. Grab a selection of Mexican pastries, including conchas, galletas, and orejas. They’re also available on GrubHub for delivery!
1787 Westchester Avenue



Cranberry Muffins from The Way Cafe

You might not have imagined a faith-based cafe opened by a Mennonite from Pennsylvania to be on Castle Hill Avenue, but we’ve heard nothing but yummy news about this place. And these cranberry muffins with a citrus glaze look like the perfect Fall treat on Thanksgiving.
1015 Castle Hill Ave



Apple Pie from Zaros

Order right on the Zaro website for pick up at the Parkchester location.
1309 Metropolitan Ave



Boston Cream Pie from Conti’s Pastry Shoppe

There’s a long Thanksgiving special list at this infamous Morris Park bakery, but the Boston Cream Pie has a legacy of its own.
786 Morris Park Ave



Pumpkin Pie Flan from Claudy’s Kitchen

Can’t decide between pumpkin pie or flan? Why choose? This Peruvian Flan can be ordered from their special Thanksgiving Menu.
5981 Broadway



We realize there was no way we could name all of the classics here in the Bronx- but we hope it gave you some ideas! There are also some great local bakeries of all cuisines without a large social media presence, so please feel free to share your faves below! If you’re a local Bronx restaurant, drop your holiday specials below…



  1. Is it possible to have some of these treats delivered to Florida? Of course I know the cost is going to be high but I miss NY goodies nothing like them in any part of the state of Florida Been here over 30 years.

    Kathy Barone


    1. Some of the businesses do ship out of state I believe! Check out the Arthur Avenue ones 🙂


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