South Bronx 6th Grade Teacher Starts Mott Haven Community Refrigerator

The Bronx community has been coming together during the pandemic in all kinds of ways- from food drives to neighborhood cleanups. We’ve also seen a number of community fridges pop up to help those affected most by the pandemic. So when 6th grade South Bronx teacher Dan Zauderer noticed that many of his students’ families were struggling to put food on the table due to COVID-19, he was moved into action.

Dan Zauderer at the ribbon cutting of the Mott Haven Community Refrigerator

The Mott Haven Community Refrigerator now runs 24/7 and offers access to fresh produce. The fridge is maintained and stocked by students and their families and goes by the motto, “Take what you need, give what you can.”

The fridge is located at 141st Street & St Ann Avenue. You can also follow along on Instagram at @motthavenfridge.


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