ParkMobile App Now Available in NYC

ParkMobile allows me to grab a Nutella latte from my favorite coffee bar in the Bronx without worrying about touching the parking meter

As New York City continues to make adjustments due to Covid-19, the Department of Transportation has added an additional parking app option in an effort to reduce the spread of germs by touching parking meters. ParkMobile, which is actually the creator of New York’s ParkNYC, has added New York to its list of over 400 cities across the country! They key highlights of the ParkMobile app include:

-No minimum required. Users can pay for their meter zone on the spot for a .15 fee, and be alerted when time is running out so that they can add more funds.

-With 400 cities across the country using ParkMobile, it’s so great to be able to use one app for all your street parking needs. And easy for visitors to pay for parking who already have the app.

-In addition to metered parking, ParkMobile also offers the ability to reserve parking spaces in garages across the city!

So while we might not be back to normal yet, it’s nice to know that we can still stay safe when we do head out to support a local restaurant, go food shopping, or head to the park to get some fresh air. It’s also perfect for essential workers who have to be out each day and for visitors who already have the app on their phone.

ParkMobile Pro

An exciting feature on ParkMobile is their pro version- which is 99 cents a month. ParkMobile Pro allows you to search for available parking spaces in real time, in addition to several other perks such as discounted rates on services like car washes, roadside assistance, and more. Click here to learn about Parkmobile Pro.

Moving Forward

Even as things begin to open back up, social distancing and other precautions will still be a part of our world for quite some time.  Things that before weren’t given a second thought- like adding time on a parking meter- are now something to be conscientious about.

To download the ParkMobile app, head to 

This post is in partnership with ParkMobile. As always, all opinions expressed are our own. 

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