Take a Virtual Tour of the New Bronx River Alliance Headquarters


In case you missed the live virtual tour of the new Bronx River House on the Bronx River, check out the video below. Located directly on the banks for the Bronx River, the Bronx River Alliance is excited to be in their new home!

About the Bronx River House

Bronx River House is a cutting edge environmental learning laboratory and base of operations for the restoration of the Bronx River and the development of the Bronx River Greenway. The building is equipped with multiple high-tech sustainable systems and green building design features, making it the “Greenest Building in the South Bronx.”

The new facility will amplify the alliance’s impact in reclaiming the Bronx River, engaging the communities that line its banks and getting more people out onto the river.

Check out more information about the Bronx River Alliance, visit www.bronxriver.org.



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