Take a Trip to the Poconos from Your Living Room

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Woodloch Pines in the Poconos (check out our previous travel features to Woodloch here), then you know they’ve been all about quality time with family long before this quarantine. So it’s no wonder that during this time of social distancing, they’ve launched Woodloch at Home- a page with fun, games, recipes, music, interviews, activities, and more.

If you’ve ever been to Woodloch, then you know their classics like Horse Races, Family Olympics, and fun scavenger hunts. And if you haven’t had the chance to experience this family resort, this is a fun way to get a sneak peek.

There’s also recipes, behind the scenes videos, and music from their infamous dance parties.

So grab as many blankets as you can to give your living room cozy Poconos vibes, turn on the fireplace (or pull up a fire video on the tv) and pretend you’ve just checked into Woodloch.

Check out Woodloch at Home at www.woodloch.com/woodloch-at-home.

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