President’s Week Mid-Winter Break Art Camp At Bronx River Art Center

Looking for something to do with the kids during winter break right here in the Bronx? Pack a lunch and head to the Bronx River Art Center to make art for the whole day with classes from 11am to 4pm. Classes are open to all ages and run from 11am – 1pm and from 2 – 4pm with a break for lunch at 1pm.
Take just one class or take them all!
$10 per class
$18 for a full day of two classes
$50 for all six classes
All Ages Welcome
All materials free with registration!
Click HERE to Register Online

 Tuesday 2/18
11-1 “Flowers for you, for us . . .” with Blanka Amezkua
       Learn to create your own silk Flowers to bring happiness.
1-2 Bring your lunch and we will also all enjoy a meal together !
2-4 “Watercolor Your Flower” with Blanka Amezkua
       Learn to paint Flowers that show emotions in watercolor.
Wednesday 2/19
11-1 “Prints Prints Prints” Printmaking with Tammy Wofsey
        Learn hand printing techniques to draw many images from one.
1-2 Bring your lunch and we will all enjoy a meal together!
2-4 Let’s Go Green” Landscape Painting with Ellen Concord
        Learn to Paint All the Greens in Nature and paint a landscape too.
Thursday 2/20
11-1 “Dream Visions” Hip Hop Graffiti Painting with Tony Cruz RAM TWO
         Learn to Express your Visions and Dreams Graffiti style.
1-2 Bring your lunch and we will all enjoy a meal together!
2-4 “Too Cool for School” with Jennifer Tomaiolo
        Learn to create Figures with clay.

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