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On Wednesdays we wear pink.

If you’ve never seen the movie Mean Girls- put the phone down and come back when you’ve gotten your life together! All jokes aside, we recently had the chance to check out Mean Girls on Broadway and we’re excited to share our thoughts- as well as a special discount code!

Running from now until April 2020 at the August Wilson Theatre, the show does an amazing job of retelling the story of Cady Heron and her adjustment to high school life in suburban Illinois after growing up on an African savanna.

Things get crazy when she befriends The Plastics, a trio of frenemies and ultimately plans to bring the leader Regina down.

Perfect for a girls night, the show features plenty of the classic moments from the film with some current social commentary sprinkled in between- which gave off ultimate girl power vibes.

The set itself was also showstopping- using technology to effortlessly move from scene to scene. While we appreciate an intricate set design on broadway, this show’s use of technology was a great fit- especially for the infamous bus scene!

And because we’re not mean girls, we’re sharing a special discount code! Use code MGBWAY on Ticketmaster for tickets starting as low as $59 for performances September 17 – November 24.

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This post is made possible by support from Mean Girls on Broadway. All opinions are my own.

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