City of Water Day Bronx Events

Now in its 12th year, City of Water Day is a free harbor-wide day organized by the Waterfront Alliance and its partners to get people to, on, and in the water, and will be held this year on Saturday, July 13, 2019. Dozens of communities in New York and New Jersey will host their own City of Water Day events in celebration of our region’s 1,600 miles of coastline.

In collaboration with the New York–New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program, In Your Neighborhood events this year include 50 free waterfront events, with nearly 100 participating organizations, across all five boroughs, Westchester County, and New Jersey.

The day’s activities will champion the shared goal of a climate resilient New York Harbor that is prepared for rising seas and increased coastal storms. Check out the Bronx events below:


Bronx River Lake Paddle

Bronx Zoo located on Boston Road

  • Bronx River Lake Paddle10:30am-12:30pmBronx River Alliance

    Bronx River Alliance invites you to celebrate City of Water Day at the Bronx Zoo! Lake Paddle is our event for beginner paddlers where we host a small paddle within the calmest area of the Bronx River “lake.” Paddle up through areas surrounded by the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden within the freshwater section of the river.

    This paddle starts and ends within the Mitsubishi River Walk area of the Bronx Zoo. This trip is approximately one and a half hours on water. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to travel south through The Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo while learning about the rivers history and current restoration efforts.

    Anyone registering should be predominately fit for this challenging, yet rewarding experience on the Bronx River. Please allow approximately 2.5 hours, which includes time for registration, put in and take out, etc. There is a fee to participate in this event. Tickets go on sale on June 28th at 10am and are $8–$15.


    Bronx YMCA City of Water Day

    Bronx YMCA at 2 Castle Hill Avenue

    Bronx YMCA City of Water Day

    YMCA of Greater New York

    In celebration of City of Water Day, YMCA of Greater New York will offer a free community event that will promote water safety in pools and waterfronts! The YMCA Aquatics Department will teach participants how to wear a PFD correctly, and teach parents safety tips for their kids around water. The Bronx YMCA will provide educational tables informing participants of water quality, and will offer nature walks and arts and crafts projects. The YMCA will partner up with Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice to provide free onsite canoeing for 2–3 hours depending on the tide, and will partner up with Captain Mike Scuba Shop to offer an intro to scuba lesson in our outdoor pool.


    Cleanwater is Drinkable, Swimable, and Fishable

    The Highbridge at University Avenue and 170th Street

    Cleanwater is Drinkable, Swimable and Fishable

    11am-2pmBronx Council for Environmental Quality

    Bronx Council for Environmental Quality (BCEQ) is celebrating City of Water Day at The Highbridge to view the Bronx side of the Harlem River! Our program will start on the Bronx Side with a clean up at 11am and break at noontime for refreshments and the Harlem River song sung by Kevin Morby , before concluding with a walk and clean up on the other side.


    Community Rowing and Birding

    Hunts Point Riverside Park at 1409 Lafayette Ave

    Community Rowing and Birding


    1pm-6pmRocking the Boat

    Celebrate City of Water Day with Rocking the Boat! In addition to a series of activities demonstrating climate change, attendees will have the opportunity to spend up to 30 minutes on the water in a colorful, handmade wooden boat with a Rocking the Boat program assistant. These graduates of the organization’s youth development program will serve as captains, providing basic rowing instruction and information on the social and ecological history of the Bronx River. Complementing the on-water activity will be bird watching using field guides, binoculars, and spotting scopes at Hunts Point Riverside Park.


    Mile Hike and Talk Along the Harlem River

    Roberto Clemente State Park located on 301 West Tremont Avenue

    Mile Hike and Talk Along the Harlem River

    Roberto Clemente State Park

    Roberto Clemente State Park will offer informational walking tours throughout the day in celebration of City of Water Day! Tours will encompass walking from one end of the park to the other (approximately 1 mile) and include facts on the Harlem River and the park’s new littoral zone (tidal pool). The community is welcomed to walk or ride their bikes on their own and read the informational signage that has been placed along the railings. This event is in partnership with New York State Parks.


    Project WASTE

    Muskrat Cove located on Webster Avenue

    Project WASTE

    Bronx River Alliance

    Celebrate City of Water Day at Project WASTE (Water and Street Trash Elimination) hosted by the Bronx River Alliance and focused on source-reduction of trash pollution. This event will be located in Muskrat Cove and is part of our hands-on outreach strategy which includes trash collection and assessment. As a volunteer, you will count, assess and remove trash from the Muskrat Cove boom and tally the floatable trash into distinct categories. Information on the quantity, toxicity, material, and brands of trash will help to identify sources of pollution and to inform communities, businesses and municipal officials of this Bronx River problem.

    Volunteers will be asked to hop into waders and join us in the water to remove the litter. Please wear clothing you do not mind getting dirty and bring an extra pair of socks. All participants must sign a liability waiver in order to participate. This event is ideal for those ages 13 and over.


    Van Cortlandt Lake Trash Cleanup

    Van Cortlandt Park at Broadway and 246th Street

    Van Cortlandt Lake Trash Cleanup

    Van Cortlandt Park Alliance

    Celebrate City of Water Day by hopping into waders or hanging out along the shore while removing trash from Van Cortlandt Lake with staff from the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance. We will also have a table to talk about how community members can decrease their usage of plastics and talk about proper disposal of fishing line, both which negatively impact our waterways. Canoeing programs and fishing occurs along this beautiful 14 acre freshwater pond, which is fed by a small river known as Tibbetts Brook. Our organization has been monitoring the health of Tibbetts Brook for the past three years.

Waters On the Go!

Mill Pond Park at East 150th Street

Waters On the Go!

Bronx Children’s Museum

Bronx Children’s Museum will host a drop-in water festival to celebrate City of Water Day on the site of our future home, Mill Pond Park. We will offer free visits to our mobile bus exhibit, which features dioramas of the Bronx River and Orchard Beach, as well as water-related art and science activities. Activities include boat building using recycled materials, microscope art, and watercolor painting. This event is in partnership with NYC Parks


Boogie Down to the Sound

SUNY Maritime College located on Pennyfield Avenue

Boogie Down to the Sound

SUNY Maritime College

Celebrate City of Water Day at SUNY Maritime’s Waterfront Open House featuring hands-on educational marine science programs, live animals, kayaking, stand-up paddle boards, sailing, and boat rides. Maritime waterfront leadership has more than four decades of combined experience running water related public events

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