Bronx Valentine Gift Ideas

Looking for something different this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got some ideas for Bronx themed gifts this Valentine’s Day….


Support a local Bronx Entrepreneur

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to support those friends who have side or full time hustles. Whether it’s a cute customized gift from someone like Christina at Chrissy’s Creations, a beautiful knitted hat from Erin at House of Jubbs, or a coffee gift set from Lovie at Morris Perk.



From the Gift Shop

Another place we love to find unique gifts is inside our favorite gift shops around the Bronx. Places like the Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYBG, and Wave Hill have shops filled with beautifully handmade and Bronx themed items. From books to decor, there’s something for everyone.



Gift Cards

Who wouldn’t love a gift card to one of their favorite Bronx places? Our wish list would include gift cards to The Miles Coffee Bar, Hair House Bronx, and anywhere on Arthur Avenue.


What Bronx gift ideas do you have?



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